Cover Reveal: Wrapped Up In You

The much-awaited sequel comes out in less than two weeks! You can preorder it for only $0.99 RIGHT NOW!

You can see the cover on several blogs with some exclusive content!

Corey’s Book Corner hosted a character interview with gift recs from Cora and Elena! Check out their fabulous ideas and get some for yourself! 

The Hermit Librarian had another interview, both with me and my fabulous ladies! You can also read their review of Learning Curves! Harker’s a delight, so go follow their blog!

Nicole Field hosted the cover reveal today as well, and included a bit of a review of Learning Curves in her post! I’m so thrilled to share it with you!

Sinead Anja, whom I adore, helped to host the cover reveal today as well. She was one of the first readers of this series, and I’m so, so grateful to her for all of her support these past two years. She’s also in the process of reviewing the series, so go check her reviews out! 

It’s been two years since Cora and Elena of LEARNING CURVES discovered how easy it is to learn to love–but with Christmas just around the bend, they’re going to have to learn to cope when both their families descend on their household for the first time ever. With her brothers and parents underfoot and a million dishes to cook, it’s hard enough for Elena to plan her double surprise for Cora, even harder when she has to corral her wayward brothers into it–but when Cora’s own surprise plans tangle with Elena’s, it may be impossible to tie up the holiday in a neat little bow.

There’s mayhem and laughter, warmth and unexpected turns–and even if it all doesn’t go according to plan, neither Cora nor Elena care so long as they can stay wrapped up in each other.

And now! 


You may be asking yourself how many exclamation points I can use in this post. The answer is all of them. Fight me.

The much-awaited sequel comes out in less than two weeks! You can preorder it for only $0.99 RIGHT NOW! There will be a paperback version available soon!

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