The Elisade Universe


A Knight to Remember (#1)

A woman dressed in a dark blue dress and leather armor poses facing away from the camera. She holds her arms slightly away from her sides and holds a sword with the blade pointing downwards, and her face is turned slightly to the right. She has light skin and wavy brown hair that’s braided down the sides of her head and falls down her back. The title, “A Knight to Remember,” is in a white flourish-y cursive font with the author’s name, Ceillie Simkiss, under it.

Untitled Elisade Novel (#2)

Cover to Come in script font on green watercolor background


An Unexpected Invitation (#0.5)

An envelope with tied with twine and closed with a wax seal, and in the background, a wide, level dirt path going through a forest. Over the envelope is the title, “An Unexpected Invitation,” with “unexpected” in a white serif font and the rest in a salmon cursive font. The author’s name, Ceillie Simkiss, is at the bottom in a white serif font.