The Learning Curves Series


Learning Curves (#1)

A fat woman with light brown skin poses with a hand behind her head, holding a cup of coffee in the other and leaning against a wall with light blue panels running horizontally across it. She has long black hair and is wearing a blue sweater, ripped jeans, sunglasses, and striking makeup— she looks very stylish. The title, “Learning Curves,” is above the person in white in an all caps serif font. The author’s name, Ceillie Simkiss, is directly under the title. The text is framed by simple flourishes on the top and bottom.

Wrapped Up In You (#2)

A scene of a Christmas tree with pale yellow and pink ornaments, flowers, and ribbons. Wrapped pink and yellow presents are under the tree, as well as a small white terrier with a Santa hat with a paw on a present. In the background is a white brick wall and a fireplace with a snow-dusted wreath, tall candles, and a light pink stocking. The title is in a cursive font in pink and yellow, reading “Wrapped Up In You.” Above the title is the text “A Learning Curves Novella” and at the bottom is the author’s name, Ceillie Simkiss, both in all caps in a black serif font.

Short Stories

The Ghosts of Halloween (#0.5)

A light skinned woman faces away from the camera, looking down a row of dried cornstalks. It is daytime. She has shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, a light brown beanie, and a yellow and white striped sweater. The title reads “The Ghosts of Halloween” and under it are the words “A Learning Curves Short Story Collection” in an all caps, yellow serif font. The author’s name, Ceillie Simkiss, is at the bottom in white.

The Final Interview (#2.5)