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Announcing A New Pen Name

Hello, friends! It’s been a little while since I posted here! I’m planning to keep it short and sweet today – or short and steamy, as it were.

I’ve officially launched a new pen name for stories that are much sexier than the ones I’ve been publishing under my own name. I will still be publishing work under this name, but you can find more of my work under the name…


And! In celebration of my new pen name, I’ve also written a short story that is ABSOLUTELY FREE for anyone who wants to sign up for Candace’s newsletter!

Two reporters. One hot closed session.
Iveta Schmidt and Fiona Rivera have been competing for the same stories at two local newspapers for more than two years. They’re total opposites other than the fact that they’re both dedicated to their jobs, but that hasn’t stopped them from feeling a spark that was more than just competition.

When a closed session of a board meeting turns into an all-afternoon affair, Iveta and Fiona find themselves falling into bed together, but the news breaks without them. If they can’t get their articles out in time, their jobs -and their relationship – might be just a news flash.

News Flash is a standalone f/f romance short story of about 7,500 words. It is available for free from Candace Harper’s newsletter or for sale through etailers. 

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